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I also wasn' t that into reading but then I read the hunger games and loved the book and made me want to read more and now I read a lot more than I did before. We' ve gathered our favorite picks of other dystopian novels - - books that imagine a not- so- rosy future good books to read after the hunger games under a menacing and oppressive regime, where teens and other folks must rely on their wits, courage, and strong friendships to survive. In this case, the good books to read after the hunger games difficult. Turning to the games console or movies to get an action fix?

The first book is " The Alchemist, the second is " The Magician" and the third will be " The Sorceress" which will be available in good books to read after the hunger games the sprint. I also thought Harry Potter was really big and even though I liked the movies wasn' t sure about reading the books but after reading a lot more I' m starting to consider it. Here are 12 books to read if you like The Hunger Games.

I was wondering if these are good. In The Hunger Games, the reason the games have been brought good books to read after the hunger games into existence play a huge role in how the next two books in the trilogy play out as we see the various Districts rise up to, once again( the reason the games were put into play in good books to read after the hunger games the first place), revolt against the Capitol and the cruel system they have in place. Why the Hunger Games Books are SO Good. Some are very similar to the Hunger Games in terms of the plot, while others are very loosely connected by the tags “ young adult” and “ dystopian.

There are many books in the dystopian fiction genre similar to the books such as hunger games and divergent series. Also, this is a currently popular series of writings. Take the " Hunger Games" love triangle and place it against the dystopian society of Huxley' s " Brave New World" and you get " Matched. Have you finished The Hunger Games and feeling lost in a sea of YA dystopian thrillers? Lastly, though you will commonly find books like the Hunger Games and Divergent recommended alongside the The Maze Runner by James Dashner, I am steering clear of those suggestions here as I assume by now you have already read them. It’ s been several years since the popularity of the books but I thought you might be needing some good books like the Hunger Games to keep you in a dystopian fix.

I think The Hunger Games series is one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life. It' s a first person account of an individual who has survived two Hunger Games and plays a major role in a revolution. What do you think? In it, North America has collapsed and the cruel government that takes over is forcing the 12 districts that remain to send two teenage representatives to participate in the annual Hunger Games.

If you’ re in withdrawal from no more Hunger Games, try these books — they’ ll keep you reading and reading and reading. I like books with a sort of love triangle romance as well as some fantasy/ action gene. The characters took WAY too much time just trying to explain everything. Good Literature is a treasure, and some pieces you will never forget after turning the last page. I' ve heard " The Maze Runner" is a potentially good follow- up, but based on some of the reviews I' ve read on here, it doesn' t really compare to " The Hunger Games.

I have read hunger games and catching fire by suzanne collins and the mortal instruments series by good books to read after the hunger games casandra clare. Why you should read it: " The Hunger Games is. There are many similar themes to the Hunger Games and also teenage love triangles.

Burning for Revenge 6. Im looking for a good book. This is an action- packed novel that you won' t want to put down, and the good news is that once you are done, you will have two more novels in.

Can' t get enough of Katniss, Peeta, and the world of Panem? The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins This series is good books to read after the hunger games the latest literary- meets- pop- good books to read after the hunger games culture phenomenon. But Katsa goes in search of a way to put her talents to good use. The 10 we found, all listed below, are the best reads this side of The Scorch for anyone who can' t get enough of Bear Grylls and his good books to read after the hunger games gang of survivors.

Other good books to read after the hunger games good books to read after the Harry Potter series is a series called " The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel" by Michael Scott. Before reading The Hunger Games trilogy, I had more than a few people tell me the first two books were good, but the last one was lacking. If you Read The Hunger Games, you should read the Gone trilogy, by Micheal Grant. If you’ ve read all of John Green and you finished up The Hunger Games series, where do you go.

Books to Read if You Like The Hunger Games We’ re always looking for new books to read with the same appeal as The Hunger Games. Darkness by my Friend 5. In no way was this better than Hunger Games, in fact good books to read after the hunger games when I gave up on reading Divergent( Something I rarely ever do with books, especially dystopias) I immediately went back to read Hunger Games again just so I could recover and read something that I actually enjoyed. AJ’ s pestering brings up a good question – at what age is The Hunger Games series appropriate for kids? This and all of the reasons listed above point to a resounding YES!

After the trilogy took the world practically by storm ( and the first movie definitely helped as well), people passionate about this genre started to look for other good books like The Hunger Games, and with good reason. As they are Australian books they may be hard to find but they are such a good read and leave you wanting more! 19 Books To Read If You Loved The " Harry Potter" Series.

I liked Hunger Games and City of Bones. For months, my friend Ditty insisted I read the Hunger Games trilogy. The Hunger Games follows 16- year- old Katniss Everdeen, a girl from District 12 who volunteers for the 74th Hunger Games in place of her younger sister Primrose Everdeen. It depends somewhat on what you liked about The Hunger Games. What are some good books to read after hunger games and mortal instruments series? 15 Book Series To Read If You Enjoyed " The Hunger Games".

If you liked the concept of The Hunger Games, you' ll probably like: * Battle Royale ( Takami) : this book is good books to read after the hunger games basically a Japanese version of The Hunger Games. Tomorrow, When the War Began 2. Why you should read it: After the Second Civil War, a law was enforced to protect reproduction rights.

Do read the Hunger Games, and for that matter much more literary work. Ask Lorna: books for teens who love The Hunger Games There' s no point in avoiding ' The Hunger Games' on account of its violence, argues Lorna Bradbury. First up, I should good books to read after the hunger games mention that hunger games was heavily inspired by Battle Royale written by Japanese writer Koushun Takami.

The Third Day, the Frost ( in US A Killing Frost) 4. The Hunger Games is a very good book that. I also enjoyed the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. Look at what children themselves are writing. The story is harsh, gruesome, and bleak. The " Divergent Series" written by Veronica Roth is a great starting point in finding a book series similar to The Hunger Games.

They are really good, and kind of about the same thing. The Dead of Night 3. I couldn' t disagree more. While I’ m not one for censorship, I am aware that certain subjects are way over kids’ heads. Parents can choose to have their. What to read after the Hunger Games Score A book’ s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book.

There are several book series to read if you love " The Hunger Games. Beyond the Bestsellers” is a new feature I hope to run at least once good books to read after the hunger games a month that highlights YA books that make excellent next reads for those who have been there and done that with the bestsellers. I’ ll go ahead and admit it, I was hesitant to jump on the train.

The ending of the first book was kind of perfect, Peeta is genuinely in love with Katniss, and never realized that Katniss was acting, playing things up for sponsors. The Hunger Games is the first book in the series and was released on September 14,. I' m curious: what was the next series you read after the Hunger Games that you enjoyed?

We decided to take a walk through the labyrinth of dystopian novels in search of books like The Maze Runner series. We’ re always looking for new books to read with the same appeal as The Hunger Games. Why good books to read after the hunger games you should read. I liked Hunger games a lot, read it when I was first getting into YAlit, felt less good about Catching Fire, and even less good about Mockingjay. 10 books to read after the ' Hunger Games' trilogy. ) There are only two books published so far in this series, called " Divergent" and " Insurgent, " but a third is expected to be released in!

Here are our top 10 books for people who love. Ten- year old good books to read after the hunger games AJ is begging to read The Hunger Games trilogy. Books Like Hunger Games.

March 16, at 2: 20 pm Danielle B 2 comments. ( Personally, I started reading this one first and it' s really good so far! If you cant decide if you want to read it, read it. 10 Series To Read After The Hunger Games As you can no doubt imagine – the success of The Hunger Games books, and good books to read after the hunger games then the movies, have spawned a wide variety of books in a similar format. You' ve read the Hunger Games trilogy and seen the movies. It must be dystopian, it must be a page- turner, it must be a good book for teens, and it must have great characters.

" After watching the " Hunger Games" movie series on the good books to read after the hunger games big screen, many readers are now itching for another future dystopian set to dig into. " All her life Cassia has naively accepted her seemingly perfect. Tigers Curse by Colleen Houck Ready Player one by Ernest Cline The storyteller by Antonia Michaelis or any other suggestions from people who have read The Hunger games or City of bones.

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