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This article gives you simple steps to follow to write a book blurb, and gives examples of both fiction and non- fiction back cover blurbs. When defining a “ back cover blurb examples for self help books blurb” it’ s important to distinguish between a “ description blurb” that you write for the back cover of your book and a “ review blurb”. Hardcover ImageWrap Our ImageWrap cover allows you to print an image directly on the front and back cover. But aside from offering the “ facts” of what your book is about, consider this strategy: Make it personal.

Which is why you want to get it right. When trying to “ sell” your idea for a nonfiction self- help or how- to book to a literary agent, it’ s back cover blurb examples for self help books important to cover the basic elements in your query letter book blurb. Generally, words are more than enough for a full blurb.

In this case, the jacket proclaimed " YES, this is a ' BLURB'! The blurb should punctuate and reinforce the claims you make about your book in your sales copy. A cover gallery for Self Help Books. The average length of a book blurb or back cover copy, whether it be a young adult adventure novel or an adult romance is about 200 words long. How to Write the Back Cover Blurb for Your Business Book. Lynn Serafinn shares a template for writing good marketing copy for your wholesalers, and discusses what to put on the back cover and back pages of your book.

Writing a decent blurb is an artform totally back cover blurb examples for self help books separate from writing a book. Write the blurb for the audience you want and be honest— don’ t dress a murder mystery as a romance novel. Successful back cover text is the result of a careful balance between the needs of the publisher and the needs of the reader. It uses Twilight as an example, but don’ t hold that against me! The back of the book cover and blurb of course. Writing from my own experience, my reading choices are often mood based— if I’ m looking for something with a little gore, I expect the book that promises this on the back cover is going to deliver.

" The name back cover blurb examples for self help books and term stuck for any publisher' s contents on a book' s back cover, even after the picture was dropped and only the text remained. There are no cover flaps or end sheets. But chances are that as an author— whether traditionally or self- published, whether this is your first or your fiftieth book— you’ ll have to create, or help create, a back cover blurb for each of your books.

So far we’ ve covered:. " and back cover blurb examples for self help books the picture back cover blurb examples for self help books was of a ( fictitious) young woman " Miss Belinda Blurb" shown calling out, described as " in the act of blurbing. Even good writers can write bad book blurbs. ‘ Product description’ is a term used in relation to the Amazon site. Via | buy on eBay.

If you plan to self- publish your non- fiction book, the most important thing you will ever write is the cover blurb for your book. A blurb is the back cover blurb examples for self help books book description you find on the back of a book or online to describe a book' s contents. Back cover copy is the blurb on the back of a book.

As paperback publishing developed, readers began seeing back cover blurb examples for self help books the blurb back cover blurb examples for self help books back cover blurb examples for self help books appearing on the back cover. Choose To Be Happy: A Guide to Total Happiness. Once your title and cover have drawn the reader in, the blurb is what is going to make the difference between a missed opportunity and a sale. Whether or not I self- publish, all your tips will be helpful. In today’ s guest post, editor Jessi Rita Hoffman explains how to craft professional and compelling back- cover copy. What does “ make it personal” mean?

I’ m in the middle of finishing two more books – a self- help and a horror. How to write a killer blurb that convinces readers to buy your book The book blurb is your sales pitch. Most non- fiction books should consider having one to make you a real person to the reader.

Then there’ s the biggest myth of all: nobody pays attention to the back of a book. I am a back cover blurb examples for self help books book designer that used to love Blurb, but recently they changed vendors for trade books that are generated from a pdf. Use blurbs everywhere.

For self- help authors, or authors of issue- driven books, people' s credentials are as important as their names. Go over to your bookshelf or go to your favorite bookshop and look at the back cover blurb of one of your favorite books. By far, the weakest part of many self- published books is back cover blurb examples for self help books the synopsis found on Amazon and elsewhere. Writers by definition spend a lot of time on the inside of books, which is why what happens on the outside — namely, cover art and blurbs — back cover blurb examples for self help books can feel precarious and daunting. KDP Print and IngramSpark require you to upload a front cover, spine, and back cover. I back cover blurb examples for self help books include my own books in this category.

While there’ s no official formula for blurb writing, what you' re likely to see is a similar layout on the backs of those books you just looked at. For novels, like back cover blurb examples for self help books the biography blurb, don’ t include one on or in your book if you don’ t honestly feel that it is going to help build your brand. Something, ironically, every author I know hates writing. It’ s more sales pitch than summary– the back cover copy for Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’ s Stone doesn’ t even mention Ron, Hermione, or Voldemort! Now you have to decide what goes on the back cover.

The Book Industry Study Group offers 51 major subjects for books. Sure, the cover design creates intrigue. A blurb is a short description of a book that is written for promotional purposes. Place back cover blurb examples for self help books testimonials that corroborate your claims about what the book will do for the reader.

We’ ve all seen off- putting back cover layouts— those books you flip over and can immediately tell are self- published. Writing a book blurb for your back cover, and other promotional uses, is one of the hardest steps for many authors. Traditionally, it would be found on the inside back cover of a hardback. Looking forward to buying the “ Marketing” back cover blurb examples for self help books book too. After ghostwriting many bestselling books, Roz recently self- published My Memories of a Future Life, her first novel under her own name. I' m not sure we would back cover blurb examples for self help books have cut Tom, but maybe we' d have put him on the back cover instead.

A sprawling, hard- to- read blurb screams amateur and can make readers second- guess their decision to pick up the book. 50 Self- Help Classics: 50 Inspirational Books to Tra. Moral of the story: it' s great if you have big names, but they should have some relevance to your book project.

Blurb: A short description of a product written for promotional purposes. So you’ ve written your book, you’ ve chosen your title and cover design, and you’ re breathing a sigh of relief. In this article, you will learn: What a back cover blurb examples for self help books back book cover blurb is and what it isn’ t; Explanations and back book cover Examples for both fiction and nonfiction; Steps to writing your own back book blurb and back cover. How To Write Back Cover Blurb For Your Non- Fiction Book Publishing Your Book, Resources Some people argue that the front cover’ s job is to sell the back cover and the back cover should sell the flap.

It’ s fair to say that she knows a thing or two about how to write a blurb that sells. Printing is done on the front cover, back cover, and spine. The term ‘ back cover copy’ refers to paperbacks, while ‘ jacket copy’ is about hardbacks. Often these elements are beyond an author’ s control or expertise, which can be painful to admit, particularly. Front Cover Copy for Book Covers This section is designed to help you use copy effectively on your book covers.

How to Create a Back Book Cover Blurb that Sells I just published a guest post which goes into this with some examples. However, even as a self- published author, she still had to write the back cover copy. He’ s never worn a cloak. A strong, descriptive blurb is easily one of the most important and powerful selling tools for your book.

The new product has a different type of cover finish, I call it soft touch– they call it matte– which cracks on the front hinge by the laminate pulling away from the cover, creating a white line. Lucy is the author of three novels and five self- help books, the Managing Editor of Rethink Press, the Entrepreneur’ s Publisher, and Publish Mentor of Key Person of Influence UK. ‘ Blurb’ has the advantage that it encompasses all book formats, and it’ s short.

Harry Potter has never played a sport while flying on a broomstick. I edit nonfiction books for self- published authors, and I have steered many toward professional copywriters. Nobody ever sees the back cover of a book online! Invented by Gelett Burgess to describe the short summary of his novel, the blurb is " back cover blurb examples for self help books what it' s back cover blurb examples for self help books about" in a concise, catchy phrase.

Gather a bunch and use the best ones for a particular purpose. But, if you have caught a potential reader’ s attention, the blurb is what will sell your book— and convert readers. Part 4 of a 5- part series on self- publishing.

So brushing up on your enticing blurb skills is a MUST. Back Cover Copy Includes the Book Summary and Author Bio Once you wow your potential readers with an excellent front cover, the next part of your book that’ ll hook them is your back cover copy, which is publishing speak for the information that appears on the back cover. If you self- publish, you have to do it all. Here’ s how to do it right. Roz’ s decision to self- publish came about partly because this novel doesn’ t fit into normal genre boxes.

This is what goes on the back of the book to grab the reader' s interest. To help prevent you from falling into this unfortunate group, we' ve put together a few tips that should help you write a winning book blurb, whether it' s for the latest fantasy novel or for a non- fiction self- help guide. How to Write a Blurb ( Back Cover Copy) by. We read self- help books to help us get past problems in our lives, so show us that you know how to get us out of our ruts. I don’ t need a back cover to create a print book! I thought big houses would have whole departments for that – but they don’ t.

You will need three for the back cover of your book. Com now allows customers to view the back of paperback books. Do this with a few more books. Review Quotes: Only use review quotes from known, respected sources, credentialed people or celebrities.

Writing a short book blurb is not only fun, but great practice for writing promotional copy of any kind. Use this template for a book blurb that sells. The back cover copy is so important, but authors frequently think they can write it themselves. Casey, thank you for the well- written post and great tips. The “ Fiction” category alone is broken down into 140 sub- genres— that’ s a lot of book categories! Please note that this cover type is not available for large- format photo books or Layflat books.

Your book is like any other product – the. Writing the Back Cover Blurb: Tips and Tricks. Most run several paragraphs, but some publishers want them shorter or in a special format so be sure to check with your publisher' s guidelines before you begin work. Let us feel that you understand where we are, and give us hope that things will get better. Which brings us to our final tip, give your blurb a plot. Worse than the cover, worse than the writing in the book itself, there are a lot of blurbs on Amazon that are pretty near atrocious.

Over the past month, I’ ve been sharing my 10 ‘ Must Do’ s’ of self- publishing. I can’ t offer you tips for creating a clever title or a descriptive subtitle; that’ s up to you. Whereas novels focus on creating intrigue and use blurbs that attempt to lure in the reader, blurbs for non- fiction books need to take a different approach.

That includes preparing the cover of your book. Authors can find themselves to close to their story to know how to write a blurb effectively so it hits the right notes, without revealing to much of the story or waffling on. Is there a pattern?

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